The Law Firm of Fears & Nachawati represents individuals and businesses throughout Texas in all bankruptcy matters. This law firm and our Bankruptcy attorneys remain dedicated to each one of their clients. The founding Bankruptcy attorney Brian Fears and his partner the Bankruptcy lawyer Majed Nachawati are ready to help you save your car from repossession and stop foreclosure of your home.  The Bankruptcy Lawyers of Fears and Nachawati are here to assist you during this struggling time. If you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy contact our firm for a free consultation and case analysis.


Bankruptcy attorneys, Stop Foreclosure, Law Firm of Fears & Nachawati assist clients that need to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection and chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Our firm represents the clients needing to file for chapter 7 business bankruptcy.  If you have any questions, we offer a free consultation and case evaluation.


Deje que el abogado de bancarrota le aconseje que puede hacer para empezar de nuevo.
El primer paso para recuperar su tranquilida es obtener un buen consejo legal.
Declararse en bancarrota bajo las nuevas leyes de bancarrota le puede ayudar a proteger sus bienes incluyendo:

The firm specializes in all areas of bankruptcy law, including:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be used by people who are not now eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and who need to be able to “string out” some payments for as long as five years.

If the stress of financial worries is keeping you up at night, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of a fresh start with personal bankruptcy.  Contact us to get the information you need to take a step toward financial solid ground.

Business Bankruptcy

The Law Firm of Fears & Nachawati have successfully handled bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring representations, including:

  • Complex loan restructurings
  • Prepackaged, pre-negotiated and traditional Chapter 11 plans
  • Bankruptcy litigation, such as preferential transfers, fraudulent transfers, equitable subordination, substantive consolidation, recharacterization and officer and director liability
  • Valuation and solvency proceedings

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Changes to the bankruptcy law have made it more difficult for some people to get Chapter 7 debt relief, but in my Texas bankruptcy law office I find that most people do indeed continue to qualify. Chapter 7 may be the best option for you if:

  • You have a lot of credit card debt, high medical bills, or other consumer debt
  • Your income is reduced, such as by losing child support or by having to take a lower-paying job
  • You cannot hope to make headway against increased penalties and interest

Home Foreclosure

While declaring bankruptcy and having your home foreclosed are both devastating to your credit rating, mortgage professionals say that when it comes to buying a home in the future, bankruptcy is the lesser of these two evils. That’s because bankruptcy proceedings may often allow you to keep your home, while foreclosure of your home puts a black mark on your credit record. But the decision of which of these two undesirable options is best for you depends on many other factors in your credit history and your goals for the future.


One of the most unpleasant consequences of failing to pay your bills is “repossession” of the thing you purchased on credit or gave as security for a loan. You do have some legal protection concerning repossession, but not much.. With five locations across Texas, we have the tools, experience to save your car, boat and furniture from repossession.