Consumer Credit Counseling

As a part of your bankruptcy petition you will also attach certain statements. This article will describe the various statements that are common in a consumer bankruptcy case.

The Statement of Financial Affairs
This statement is the big picture the debtor’s finances over the last couple years leading up to the bankruptcy. This document will

An emergency bankruptcy petition is a three page petition with a “mailing matrix”—a list of creditor names and addresses. The naked petition and creditor list are filed with the bankruptcy court along with the necessary filing fee and evidence of completion of consumer credit counseling. The chief benefit of an emergency bankruptcy filing is that

It seems obvious that an individual should collect all of his debts and creditor information before filing bankruptcy. However, many debtors arrive at their attorney’s office for an initial consultation with little or no information about their debts. Fortunately, obtaining debt information is not difficult, but it may take a little time and effort.


Online payday loans can seem like fast, easy money that consumers can take advantage of without leaving their homes. Many times consumers get lured in and find themselves spiraling downward into debt. There are some issues that all consumers should be wary of when borrowing money online.

When you go online and put in your

Before starting your holiday shopping, take a moment and view some sage advice from a “consumer expert:”

Sure, it’s a funny video, but only because we are laughing at ourselves! Of course you shouldn’t buy stuff you can’t afford. Bad things can happen when you abuse credit, especially if you have over-extended your finances.