Serving the people of Texas with offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio, Fears | Nachawati specializes in helping individuals who are seeking bankruptcy protection, we vigorously fight for families facing home foreclosure and with offices across the great state of Texas we provide chapter 11 assistance to all Texas business in need of a business bankruptcy law firm with the experience and expertise needed to help guide your company through difficult times.  We specialize in helping our manufacturing industry restructure and not only save jobs, but build a plan of action that will rejuvenate the company.

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Losing your home or car could be devastating to you, your family, your career & your livelihood. Ignoring your financial problems will not make them go away. Save your family, your life and your future today.

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Taking steps to get your life back on track starts with receiving accurate legal information.
Filing bankruptcy under current bankruptcy laws can allow you
to protect your property including:

* Homes
* Vehicles
* Checking Accounts
* Savings Accounts
* Personal Belongings & Furniture
* Retirement Accounts

Did you know that under the new bankruptcy laws, many options still
allow you to wipe out your debt, including:

* Getting rid of all credit card debt without any Repayment
* Eliminating any outstanding medical bills without Repayment
* Doing away with your obligation to pay back personal loans and lines of credit

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If you are receiving embarrassing phone calls at home or work, threats of foreclosure or repossession, you need advice from someone who can help. A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Property & Your Rights.

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A bankruptcy attorney has the legal experience necessary to help you get rid of your debt and get your life back on track.
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