Many debt consolidation companies want you to believe that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is expensive and that it will destroy your credit. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Bankruptcy fees are relatively low compared to a lien on your assets or endless payment plans that you probably cannot afford on a long-term basis and that will eventually lower your credit score.

Court Fees

The fee to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Dallas bankruptcy court is approximately $299. For more information go to:

Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

While it is true that you can file for bankruptcy on your own, bankruptcy laws can be very complicated. Unless you have working knowledge of the current bankruptcy laws, you may miss something that can benefit you. For example, many people who file on their own still have problems with creditors sending them letters and removing the debt from their credit report. This is an aggressive tactic that many creditors use when they know someone does not have an attorney. They know these actions are unlawful but will continue because they know that the average person does not fully understand their rights under bankruptcy law. You can avoid being a victim of this tactic by speaking to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Many bankruptcy attorneys are willing to work out a reasonable payment plan so you can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as soon as possible to avoid a lien on your paycheck or repossession of your vehicle.

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